YieldNodes: May Returns, Country Partner Reveal, & Audit Raffle Results

3 min readJun 3, 2022

The rollercoaster month of May is over and there is plenty of news to report for the YieldNodes community. War in Ukraine, Supply Chain issues, and continued Inflation in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere are putting an economic squeeze on the world’s financial markets.

Bitcoin saw a steep decline as traditional markets contracted, the LUNA/UST fallout as the main culprit, moving from $39,000 to ranging uncomfortably around $30,000. Altcoins faired even worse as an uncertain market consolidates into Bitcoin and more proven stablecoins.

YieldNodes held strong though and, despite the market contraction, was able to deliver a strong return for May of 6.5%. This is slightly lower than the 8% average we saw over the first months of 2022, but with respect to the overall market conditions, this is a huge win for all YieldNodes users.

At 6.5% monthly return, which is lower than the recent average, YieldNodes would provide 112.91% APY compounding for a year. For example, a starting balance of $100,000 would finish the first year in YieldNodes with a balance of $212,910.

That is the power of masternoding with YieldNodes and compound interest. As always, we encourage intelligent investment strategies and would expect, even encourage users to take profits along their YeildNodes journey.

São Tomé and Príncipe Government Partnership

We’re thrilled to announce that the partnering country willing to work alongside us with our coin network is the small Democratic country of São Tomé and Príncipe. This small island nation off the western coast of Africa speaks Portuguese as its primary language, has a total population of 220,000, and has an annual GDP of nearly $700 million.

São Tomé and Príncipe presents an ideal starting point for cryptocurrency integration into everyday life. The YieldNodes and Decenomy team will be working with them over the coming years to bring our “lighthouse” projects to fruition, and to show that a managed coin network with real assets is a better solution for their citizens than continually inflating Fiat money.

Here’s a screenshot of the letter of intent from the São Tomé and Príncipe government. It was a pleasure for the team to visit, begin setting up the office, and start proceedings with their representatives.


Summer Audit Winners

The lottery for the 2022 Summer Audit has been completed. The winners will be given the opportunity to travel to the YieldNodes/Decenomy headquarters in Malta to see the operation firsthand and confirm with their own eyes and ears how the project generates and grows its business.

You can view the Youtube Video of the randomized raffle here: https://youtu.be/sqo71AK7RBo

Congratulations to the Audit Winners:
Sebastiaan (tycho*****@gmail.com)
Andreas (andreas*******@gmail.com)
Andy (andy_*****@hotmail.com)
Matti (matti.l*******@gmx.de)
Poppy (Pop***@hotmail.co.uk)

And the 5 Runner Ups!
Andrew (andrewsuthe***********@gmail.com)
Jacob (jacobha*******@gmail.com)
Tamas (tdom****@yahoo.ca)
Joan (joan****@gmail.com)
Christopher (christophe**********@gmail.com)

Winners and Runner Ups should receive an official email from Steve at YieldNodes to begin the process of confirming your attendance and making necessary arrangements. Congrats again, winners!

The team behind YieldNodes continues to deliver for their users during these uncertain times in the market, building a foundation for the long term. Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this market for you.

Happy Masternoding!

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