YieldNodes: March Returns & Major Decenomy Acquisition

3 min readApr 5, 2022

As the conflict in Ukraine continues into its second month, the crypto market during the month of March finally found some traction and we saw some impressive growth across the industry. Bitcoin reclaimed the $40,000 and $45,000 USD price levels, signaling a potential continuation of the bullish market we experienced in 2021.

The month of March netted 7.4% returns for users. This follows an 8.3% month in February and an 8.0% month in January. YieldNodes produced a total of 23.7% returns over Q1 of 2022.

Compounding returns continue to be the greatest path to prosperity for your YieldNodes experience. Using this quarter’s returns as an average (7.90%), users could see an Anual Percentage Yield (APY) of 149.03%.

Here is an example of $100,000 deposited for 12 months, without any additional contributions. Final balance: $249,033.


Flits Takeover

This is a big one for the YieldNodes and Decenomy ecosystem. Flits [FLS] is a major service provider within the masternode market, a name ubiquitous with masternoding. It is our great pleasure to announce the takeover and cooperation with the team to grow Flits into a major component of our masternoding operation.

Flits is a mobile wallet (available on iOS/Android) and masternode hosting service provider. The project launched in mid-2019 and has spent the last two years as one of the most user-friendly and popular service providers in the industry. Future Flits updates will allow the phone app to act as a multi-coin mobile wallet for all Decenomy projects.

Flits will be merged with two of our existing Decenomy projects, Trittium [TRTT] and PEPS Coin [PEPS] to create a single juggernaut of a cryptocurrency focused on the digital offerings of the Decenomy (masternode hosting, mobile hosting, mobile wallet, IT shop, etc). You can read the initial announcement from the Flits team here.

Flits x Decenomy

Debit Card Partner Incoming!

Just a bit of a teaser here. We have signed an agreement with a promising partner, but waiting until implementation moves forward to make a formal announcement. Standard practice for our team is that it’s always better to unveil things when they are ready rather than to raise false hopes. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

War in Ukraine

As reported in last month’s update, Urs and the YieldNodes/Decenomy team purchased buses to move refugees from Poland to destinations throughout the European Union. That work continues to this day and the team thanks everyone who has contributed to the efforts.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has put us a little behind schedule because we’ve tried to help people as much as we think Decenomy and YieldNodes can because our goal is (and always was) to be a force of good in this world. Please keep donating and helping out in whatever way you see fit to save lives. https://help4ua.net/en

YieldNodes Funds Audit

We still plan to do at least one audit per year — ideally, two a year is our goal. Tentatively, the next one will be in June/July 2022 and we will be doing our usual random script raffle amongst all interested parties (invitations will be extended to every YieldNoder in May, so please don't inquire yet!). Plus we will be re-inviting a few familiar faces from previous audit visits for continuity.

The team behind YieldNodes continues to deliver for their users and their work pays off for consistent returns for all involved. The power of masternoding and expert decision-making has turned YieldNodes into one of the top destinations for consistent returns in these turbulent times. Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this market for you.

Happy Masternoding!

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