YieldNodes: July Returns!

2 min readAug 4, 2022

Earlier last week we covered the Summer Audit as well as the Summer meetings for the YieldNodes/Decenomy team. Highly recommend checking out both event reviews to see what the team has been up to lately.

The cryptocurrency markets bounced nicely during the second half of July and provided a new sense of positivity to investors. Uncertainty still lingers from global inflation, the continued Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and overall market trends.

However, YieldNodes continues to deliver exceptionally for its users. The month of July netted 9.2% returns! A massive rebound after a few months of conservative percentages. So far in 2022, the platform has produced a total of 53.8% returns for its users.

Compounding returns continue to be the greatest path to prosperity for your YieldNodes experience. Using the last 7 months’ returns as an average (7.69%), users could see an Anual Percentage Yield (APY) of 143.17%.

We believe YieldNodes to be a long-term investment vehicle to build multi-generational wealth. With that being said, here is an example of $100,000 deposited for 12 months, without any additional contributions.

Final balance: $243,166.


That is the power of masternoding with YieldNodes and compound interest. As always, we remind everyone that this is a high-risk platform and encourage intelligent investment strategies. The team expects, even encourages, our users to take profit periodically along their YeildNodes journey.

The team behind YieldNodes continues to deliver for their users and their work pays off for consistent returns for all involved. The power of masternoding and expert decision-making has turned YieldNodes into one of the top destinations for consistent returns in these turbulent times. Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this market for you.

Happy Masternoding!

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