YieldNodes: Audit Results Are In!

4 min readJul 27, 2022

We are happy to announce that the Summer Funds Audit, which took place in Malta, has concluded and everyone was pleased with the results! Every year, YieldNodes and Decenomy bring in participants from around the world, allowing them a fully transparent and deep dive into the operations.

As of July 19, 2022, YieldNodes/Decenomy assets are currently over-collateralized by more than 30%. This means the value of coins held (all of the Decenomy coins plus BTC and exterior wallets) exceeded all liabilities (deposits and compounds) by more than 30%. That translates to a long runway for those skeptical about the potential health and longevity of YieldNodes.

In order to reach this conclusion, the auditors were given transparent access to every wallet in YieldNodes’ possession in order to calculate the values held and compare them against our total obligations.

First, we showed the members area with all deposits and compounds, and explained how the system is operated on a day-to-day basis. To prove that the data was live and actually on the server, we asked if any of the auditors would be willing to show their account live and confirm the numbers, to which auditor Liam D. agreed.

He confirmed that his account's deposits, withdrawals, and other details were genuine. Afterward, Urs (the Architect and leader of Decenomy) showed an Excel spreadsheet that held every position and sum — directly linked to the wallets and exchange accounts.

Steve, CEO of YieldNodes, suggested that positions be picked randomly to verify the sums, but auditor James Pelton suggested viewing ALL positions. This extended the time required for the audit but, in retrospect, was a much better option as it left zero doubt regarding asset availability. At the end of the review, all auditors walked away feeling confident in the company’s positions and overall health.

Disclosure on Auditors:

All 10 auditors who traveled to Malta are active, funded YieldNodes members who were required to cover their own travel expenses. The auditors received no payment or other incentive for their services, beyond hotel accommodation and food. None of the auditors is an employee of YieldNodes or Decenomy.

Connections between Auditors:

With the exception of James Pelton and Kris McCauley (both active and well-known YouTubers), none of the remaining auditors knew each other prior to arriving in Malta. James and Kris reconnected during the visit as they knew each other from previous projects crossing over, but did not know that they had both been invited to the YieldNodes audit.

Due to cancellations by previous invitees, Poppy T. and Matty L. were randomly selected prior to the audit via transparent randomizing on YouTube. However, we were left with just 9 auditors due to a last-minute cancellation, so Liam D. suggested we invite Bo S. as he lives in Malta and is a YieldNodes participant. This was agreed to and thus filled all 10 seats.

YieldNodes/Decenomy Team Members and Auditors
A walkthrough of the Decenomy HUB (filmed by Liam D.)

For individual statements from each auditor and their signed agreements, please visit the YieldNodes Members page here. Each auditor has taken the time to write out their expectations and review their experience at the Malta audit which is worth reviewing in its entirety.

We Practice What We Preach!

Since the very start of YieldNodes in October 2019, we have generated an average of 10%+ monthly in value, and we wanted to give our members who stood with us some peace of mind. Talk is cheap, so we wanted to put the money where our mouth is.

However, while YieldNodes is going strong, there are still some things we need to remind participants of on a regular basis to keep in mind:

  • YN is NOT regulated or supervised by any financial entity yet
  • YN is STILL a very risky participation model, and things can always go sour
  • YN is NOT trading Cryptos and NOT a Bitcoin-pegged investment
  • YN is by NO MEANS a bank account or retirement fund

So, use the information we provided to do your own risk assessment and understand that funds are always at risk of being lost, so there are no guarantees. We do what we do with honesty and integrity, but it is as much a wild ride for us as it is for you, so read and absorb what you can and always ensure you can live with the decisions you make.

That being said, we are grateful for your participation and humbled by your trust — we are ready and hungry to prove ourselves to you and the world …and to build out the decentralized economy that is the long-term vision: DECENOMY

Happy Masternoding!

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