YieldNodes Annual Audit: Application Information

2 min readMay 20, 2022

One thing that YieldNodes prides itself on is being as transparent as possible while protecting the platform’s performance and competitive advantage. One way the team strikes that balance is by bringing platform users from around the world to the Malta headquarters to witness the YieldNodes operation firsthand.

We will do this Yearly Summer Audit of Assets in Malta from July 18th through July 21st.

How To Apply:

Log into your YieldNodes Account and click the AUDIT Tab on the left side of the dashboard. Then follow onscreen instructions to apply. Simple as that.

This is the only way to apply to participate in the audit. Please DO NOT email or message us any application information. We do not take any emails or replies on the subject due to the demand and we don’t want to clog our lines of communication for other user support needs.

5 lucky auditors will be drawn randomly. Another 5 auditors are selected by the YieldNodes team to bring a total of 10 auditors this year.

Make sure you can FLY into Malta on these dates! Flight costs are the responsibility of the auditor. Hotel and stay are paid for by the YieldNodes team!

You can sign up until June 2nd. The raffle will occur no later than June 4th and the team will upload a YouTube video with the results.

The YieldNodes team is looking forward to shaking your hand, experiencing a successful and satisfactory audit of funds, and most importantly, having a great time in Malta.

Happy Masternoding!

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