YieldNodes: 2022 Will Be a Year That You Should Not Miss

3 min readFeb 13, 2022

While the cryptocurrency market overall continues to go through growing pains as we see more and more mass adoption, YieldNodes continues to deliver consistent, highly desirable returns for its users.

The month of January netted 8% returns for all users, despite a see-saw market that saw Bitcoin retest $35,000. This 8% month was following a great end of 2021 where YieldNodes users saw a December with 7.5% returns.

Compounding returns continues to be the greatest path to returns for YieldNodes. Using the last two months as an average (7.75%), users can see an Anual Percentage Yield (APY) of 144.9%. The power of compounding.

Here is an example of $100,000 deposited for 12 months, without additional contributions. Final balance: $244,910.


Word Is Spreading

We have seen a steady, organic growth of interest in YieldNodes over these last many months. We have seen major Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects offer YieldNodes as an option of investment for their Treasuries. We have seen new articles and youtube videos highlighting YieldNodes as a top destination for consistent, passive income.

The YieldNodes team does not pay or sponsor these videos and articles, however, we greatly appreciate the exposure. You can see the content from Jesse Eckel, Blue Edge Financial, Investing Embers, and other prominent commentators in the crypto space. They cover a wide range of topics, but their conclusions are very bullish for YieldNodes.

We believe you will continue to see more and more people talking about and becoming users of YieldNodes and the Decenomy throughout 2022.

2 Year Anniversary of Sapphire Takeover

About 2 years ago, we started our Decenomy project with the takeover from Sapphire (SAPP). As SAPP will become the main financial coin within Decenomy we would like to show you all where SAPP began with us, and where it is now.

How It Started, How It’s Going
All-Time Low: $0.00007194 (about 2 years ago)
Current price: $0.502406
Current market capitalization: $400,453,880

In percentage terms, this means an increase of approximately 697,000%! An amazing recovery for our first project. We would like to thank the whole community, the early investors, and current investors, for their massive support and look forward to welcoming many future investors to SAPP and all our other Decenomy projects!

New Decenomy Social Media Accounts

We are pleased to inform you that we have created our first general Decenomy social media channels:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/decenomy
Telegram: https://t.me/decenomy

All Decenomy announcements will be posted to these channels in addition to our usual channels on Discord. Coin-specific announcements (wallet updates, collateral updates, etc.) will not appear in these channels. Please join our telegram group and follow us on Twitter and let’s show the world the size of our community!

The team behind YieldNodes continues to exceed expectations for their users and their work pays off for consistent returns for all involved. The power of masternoding and sound decision-making has turned YieldNodes into one of the top destinations for consistent returns, bear or bull market.

Happy Masternoding!

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Medium: https://medium.com/@yieldnodes
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