Decenomy Summer Event, Malta!

4 min readAug 1, 2022

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July, 2022

This year our annual Decenomy Summer Event took place in Malta, where the Decenomy company has one of its three hubs- Malta Hub.

Our events are designed as internal meetings where all the projects teams, which are part of Decenomy portfolio (over 19), are meeting in one of our hubs, to discuss future company plans, projects, and also to socialise and network.

Being a company with so many projects in its portfolio, Decenomy is a multicultural organisation, having teams all over Europe, from Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Ukraine, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Croatia, Ireland, and even further away with few colleagues from Bangladesh.

Diversity is a major priority, goal, and value in Decenomy company culture. Having a diverse staff with different backgrounds, skills, and experience levels, people are more likely to have different and varied approaches to the same problems, which only sparks innovation and creativity among us, making the business more competitive and profitable.

The Malta event was split into two parts.

The first day was assigned for internal meetings, debates and discussions, followed by the second day with networking and socialising.

The agenda for the meeting was quite comprehensive, including in it already working projects and future plans, some of these being:

Sao Tome and Principe — New Genesis Hub and Economy

Sao Tome and Principe is a small island on the coast of African shore that will be the first official country partner for Decenomy. Our future plans include opening up a new hub there, called Genesis Hub, implementing some of Decenomy coins as official currencies, building an economy around Decenomy cryptocurrencies, giving support to local universities, and advising on upcoming possible laws and regulations.


Will be one of our future projects with real use cases. Will address the energetic sector, more specifically it will be a decentralised mobile charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.


Is a project designed for the ecological environment and it consists of an European Union awarded solution for purification of sewage sludge with simultaneous recycling of contained raw materials.

Shall be a platform for C2C penny auction, where real products will be bought with cryptocurrency coins from Decenomy portfolio.


The betting platform that is also using Decenomy coins is planned to be improved and expanded.

These above were our main topics discussed during the first day meeting.

The next day was intended for relaxation and team networking.

Being a multicultural organisation and constantly bringing new projects on board in the Decenomy portfolio, these events give the possibility for the team members to get to know each other, interact and establish better working relationships.

The second day, we had the privilege to visit Malta and its surroundings from aboard a large catamaran, where the sailing staff and not only, made this experience an unforgettable one.

During our day on the Mediterranean sea we visited Gozo island, Comino, Malta’s most famous swimming spot, the Blue Lagoon, Crystal lagoon and Santa Maria caves. We had a delicious lunch on the boat, accompanied by a very good bath in the warm Mediterranean water.

As our company president said, Urs Schwinger:

“ These meetings and events are one of the most important things that creates and brings a company together. People are creating companies, relationships, they are the most important part in the whole process. In this digitised era it is very important that we still connect with each other in the real world, because in the end the simple things matter and only if we go back to the roots we will find meaning.

Previously the Malta event, in the same week and same location, was also Yieldnodes Yearly Audit, where more than 10 persons have participated, from which some of them were important investors, Youtube influencers and content creators, company’s staff, project manager,s and CEO.
The audit results were very positive and transparent, which led to an increased level of confidence in the project and the managing team, which is doing its best to ensure the longevity of Yieldnodes company.

Both events, Malta Summer Event and Yieldnodes audit, which lasted throughout the entire week have conducted only to positive results, improving work relationships, setting new strategic vision for upcoming projects and giving a morale boost for both company staff and investors.

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